Answering all your questions about workers’ compensation

Answering all your questions about workers’ compensation

If you’ve suffered an injury in the workplace recently, you may well be entitled to collect some money in the form of workers’ compensation. This requires some serious legwork, including documenting your injury in great detail and getting opinions from medical and legal experts, but it’s often worth it.

The workers’ comp process is an important one, but it’s confusing and often misunderstood. It can be helpful to run through all the basics and make sure you’re prepared to file a claim in the future, just in case that need arises. Here’s a look at four questions that people commonly ask about the process.

1. What are your employer’s obligations?

When it comes to workers’ compensation, companies in Australia are obligated to do right by their employees. According to the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), business leaders are in charge of documenting all injuries accurately and working with their employees to map out plans for injury recovery and return to work.

2. Who can make a workers’ comp claim?

If you’re ever unclear on whether the workers’ comp rules apply to you, it’s good to do a little research and figure it out. The Law Society of New South Wales explains that anyone can make a claim if they’re an employee, they were injured in a work-related setting and they were carrying out work responsibilities. Aggravating a pre-existing injury might also fall into this category.

3. What is the claims process like?

Ready to make a workers’ compensation claim? If so, there’s a step-by-step process you need to follow:

  • Notify your employer right away.
  • Talk to a doctor and document your injuries.
  • Fill out all the appropriate paperwork, including a WorkCover certificate of incapacity and a worker declaration.
  • Contact your workers’ compensation insurer and see what payment you’re entitled to.

4. What if you need expert legal advice?

The process of making a workers’ compensation claim is complicated. There are a number of different types of payments you could be entitled to – which ones apply? Are you looking to be repaid for time off work, medical expenses, travel expenses, or simply for your pain and suffering?

These matters are not easy to figure out alone, so feel free to ask for help.

Workers compensation lawyers Sydney

At Marshall and Gibson Laywers, we have a sophisticated understanding of how these cases work and what it takes for you to get paid. We have a proven track record having won over 99% of our workers’ compensation cases. We’re so confident in our legal expertise with workers compensation claims that with our “No Win-No Fee” basis, you only pay if we win your claim for you.

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