Have you been involved in a case of medical negligence?

Have you been involved in a case of medical negligence?

Any time you’re hospitalised with an injury or another medical condition, you expect the doctors and nurses to do the best job they possibly can to get you back to full health. Sometimes, they’re successful in this regard; sometimes, they’re not. Either way, you at least hope you receive their best effort.

But what if you don’t?

In some cases, medical professionals make costly mistakes that put people’s well-being and even their lives on the line. When doctors and nurses neglect to do their best, it can be seriously costly – and if you’ve been affected, you might be entitled to some compensation for those costs. Speaking to a good lawyer can help shed some light on this.

Defining the term “medical negligence”

Everyone in life has an obligation to pay attention to their duties and be responsible. Just as motorists are required to be careful and not endanger other drivers, medical professionals have to take care not to endanger patients. According to the Legal Services Commission of South Australia, this comparison is apt because in either case, there can be serious charges of negligence for anyone who slips up.

The difference is that driving a car responsibly is common sense. Medical negligence is more complicated and tougher to diagnose. This is why there’s often a legal dispute involved.

Has such an incident happened to you?

You might have already been involved in an instance of medical negligence and just not noticed it yet. According to LegalInjury.com, there are plenty of examples. Say you’re given a treatment but not warned in advance about the possible risks or side effects. Alternatively, say you’re diagnosed incorrectly and take unwise actions as a result. Either of these could be a legal issue.

Anyone in the medical field can be held accountable for negligence. This might be a doctor, nurse, hospital administrator, pharmacist or anyone else.

Allow us to make your case

Making a claim of medical negligence is certainly doable, but you have to go through the process thoroughly and leave nothing out. This includes proving that the medical professional lacked the reasonable care and demonstrating that their mistake led to a harmful outcome.

For help with arguing this case, it makes sense to reach out to the professionals. Contact us today on 1800 675 417 or send us an email to speak with one of Marshall and Gibson’ experienced solicitors and ask how we can provide the professionalism and expertise you need to win your case.

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