If you’re injured in the workplace, can you get the compensation you deserve?

If you’re injured in the workplace, can you get the compensation you deserve?

Everyone wants to go into work each morning and be a fast, efficient, productive worker, but the truth is it’s hard to balance that with being safe. The harder you work – especially in settings that require a lot of physical labour – the more you expose yourself to potential injury.

Sometimes, though, those injuries aren’t entirely your fault. Have you ever witnessed a situation where someone gets hurt and the employer is at least partially to blame? A quick glance at the latest newspaper reveals that this happens all the time – and when it does, the injured party is often entitled to a pretty penny in compensation.

There’s big money in injury compensation

No one wants to get injured in the workplace, but the good news is that if you do, you could be paid handsomely for it. Consider, for example, an incident that recently occurred at a Woolworths supermarket location in Queensland – dock worker Michael John Perkins injured his back and suffered painful lumbar disc protrusion. His accident compensation, according to The Brisbane Times, came out to $650,000.

This might seem steep, but it became a reality because Perkins was able to argue that the nature of his job required him to handle “awkward, persistent and arduous loading dock work.” Because he demonstrated that his employer was at fault, he got paid. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you may want to pursue legal recourse too.

Work with a lawyer to resolve your case

If you ever become injured, there’s a detailed process you should undertake. There are a series of key steps – namely reporting the injury, pursuing medical treatment and, of course, consulting with personal injury lawyers. You don’t want to leave any of these out.

WorkSafe Victoria notes that in many of these injury scenarios, a primary goal is to get the employee back to work quickly. This might be true to an extent, but you also want to balance this need with a desire to get the compensation you deserve.

Pick up the phone and give us a call

Fighting a legal battle over a workplace injury might seem like a taxing process, but it becomes far easier to handle if you find a compensation lawyer in Sydney who’s able to take your case. Fortunately, at Marshall and Gibson Lawyers, we have a staff full of them.

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