If you’ve had a workplace injury, it’s good to act quickly

If you’ve had a workplace injury, it’s good to act quickly

Whenever there’s an injury in the workplace, it can be a stressful time. Not only is there the initial pain and trauma of the injury itself to deal with, but there are usually a host of other problems. Your company might have to pay out workers’ compensation, and/or maybe deal with medical costs. There’s also the issue of still getting work done while the injured employee is away.

All of the stressors pile up. And if they’re allowed to fester for too long, they’re probably only going to get worse. That’s why the best strategy in a workplace injury situation is to take action right away. If you don’t deal with the logistical issues in a hurry, your company might find itself in real trouble.

What constitutes a workplace injury?

In order to address workplace injuries fairly, the first order of business is simply understanding what constitutes such an injury and how to identify it. According to WorkCover Queensland, a workplace injury is one sustained by an employee while performing work tasks, either locally on site or at an off-site professional event.
Not every injury a person suffers is necessarily a work-related one. If an incident happens to someone while not at work, it almost certainly shouldn’t be covered. If there’s any lack of clarity about this, or a dispute that needs to be resolved, it might be necessary to bring in legal help.

Finding a lawyer who can weigh in

If you do have a workplace injury issue that needs to be resolved, it’s crucial to do the required legwork and find precisely the right type of lawyer for addressing the problem you’re dealing with.

What does this mean? FreeAdvice Legal recommends looking first and foremost for someone experienced. This doesn’t just mean having a lot of years on the job, in general; more specifically, it means getting someone who knows your industry and has experience dealing with the type of injury you’re dealing with. The more specific the attorney’s experience, the better.

How we can help at Marshall and Gibson

If you’ve had an injury at your place of business, it’s important to get legal representation that will help you through every step of the ordeal. At Marshall and Gibson Compensation Lawyers, we are happy to provide that representation – just get in touch with us.

The earlier you know your rights, the easier it will be to take action and push for a favourable final result to whatever case you’re dealing with. Talk to us, and we’ll get to know every detail of your case and help you assess your available legal options.

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