The 3 most common ways people get injured at work

The 3 most common ways people get injured at work

In the busyness of daily work, it’s easy to forget that a number of risks exist in every workplace and there is always a chance that you could sustain an injury when doing your job. A report from Safe Work Australia identifies three of the most common ways employees get injured, which account for around 75 per cent of all workplace injuries in Australia:

1. Body stressing

Body stress makes up almost 40 per cent of injuries that workers receive on the job. It can be an issue in almost any profession, and often isn’t noticed until it becomes serious. Causes can include repetitive movements, being in an awkward position for an extended period of time, jolting, and sudden or high force. This can lead to serious conditions such as musculoskeletal disorders, often involving the back. While lines of work such as construction and trades present an obvious risk for this type of injury. Victorian government media site the Better Health Channel reveals that anyone from seamstresses and musicians to hairdressers and office workers can also be vulnerable.

2. Slips and falls

The Safe Work Australia report states that around 21 per cent of workplace injuries are falls, trips and slips. Incidents of this kind can occur anywhere, and can result in serious bodily harm. According to Australia legal advice resource Claims Advice, some of the most common causes include wet or slippery surfaces, uneven or unstable flooring, faulty equipment, misplaced objects, cables or ropes that are lying on the ground, rickety stairs, broken handrails and bad lighting. In addition, the use of equipment such as ladders can increase the risk of falling from a height.

3. Impact from moving objects

Finally, being struck by a moving object is the third most common way workers get injured, making up close to 14 per cent of workplace injuries. This could involve being hit by a vehicle or heavy machinery such as a forklift. It might be getting hit by a hammer or another piece of equipment that someone is using. Or it could be a result of objects that have not properly secured, such as a rolling barrel or an item falling from a height. Whatever the circumstances, moving objects have the potential to cause serious bodily harm.

If you’ve been injured at work by one of these common means obtain medical treatment as soon as possible and complete a Workers Compensation Claim Form and then contact Marshall and Gibson Lawyers in the Sydney CBD on 1800 675 417 as time limits apply for bringing claims.

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