The Laws on Lane Filtering for Motorbike Riders in NSW and Sydney

The Laws on Lane Filtering for Motorbike Riders in NSW and Sydney

The various states and territories have different regulations for motorbike lane filtering, and motorcycle riders in NSW and Sydney often wonder if they are legally allowed to do so. In fact, lane filtering on a motorbike became legalised in the state of NSW in 2014. We take a look at what motorbike riders need to know to move safely and legally in traffic to avoid an accident.

What is lane filtering on a motorbike, and when can I use it?

Lane filtering describes the process of a motorbike rider moving between stopped or slow-moving vehicles while the traffic is slower than 30km/h. This process can help to improve traffic congestion and has been found to reduce the risk of rear end collisions and accidents, which can otherwise cause significant injuries for motorbike riders. As with all drivers in traffic, motorbike riders should use their common sense and look out for cyclists and pedestrians when lane filtering to avoid an accident.

What are the limits on lane filtering for motorbikes in NSW and Sydney?

If a motorbike rider moves between vehicles while the traffic is faster than 30km/h this is called lane splitting, and it is illegal in NSW and Sydney. Motorbike riders must not lane filter next to buses and large vehicles. Crucially, motorcycle riders must only carry out lane filtering when they judge it safe to do so. Lane filtering next to parked vehicles, next to the curb and in school zones is also illegal.

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