When communication fails, workers’ comp cases break down

When communication fails, workers’ comp cases break down

If you’ve been injured at work, there’s a good chance you’re entitled to some compensation for all the pain and suffering you’ve been through. However, you’ll never know unless you’re willing to speak up about it.

In Australia today, there’s a widespread problem with workers not being able to claim compensation after injuries they’ve suffered. Often, it’s because a breakdown in communication makes it difficult to resolve the issue. If people and their employees are able to speak openly with each other, as well as with medical professionals and insurers, these cases will become much easier to resolve.

An “impenetrable” workers’ comp system

Ideally, if you were injured at work, you’d have an effective strategy for talking through the issues and getting everything resolved – but, according to the latest research, that’s rarely the case. A report from the NSW Parliament’s Standing Committee on Law and Justice found that the workers’ compensation system in Australia is “impenetrable,” and that it generates more problems than it solves.

As a result, there’s currently a surplus of almost $2 billion in the nation’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fund. In other words, there is money being set aside for compensating injured workers, but it isn’t being paid out because the system is failing those workers.

Communication breakdowns are a key issue

So, why doesn’t the workers’ comp process work? According to Insurance Business Online, one of the main reasons is communication. After people get injured, they’re often not in the workplace anymore interacting with their co-workers like normal, and as a result, they can be left out of key conversations.

This is why it’s important for companies to set up procedures for resolving workers’ comp situations before a claim occurs, not wait until after an injury happens to deal with the problem. It must be clear from the beginning how companies and their employees will work together and collaborate to get people healthy, compensated and back to work.

You might be entitled to serious compensation

If you’ve been injured at work and your employer has struggled to do its part and help you recover, it might be wise to consider legal action. At Marshall and Gibson Lawyers, we have a capable legal team that’s well prepared to handle your case.

You might be entitled to all sorts of compensation that you weren’t even aware about – you’ll never know unless you talk to us and find out. Give us a call today and receive a free, no-risk case examination.

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