Who do you need to contact after a work-related car accident?

Who do you need to contact after a work-related car accident?

If you’re driving a vehicle for work – perhaps to make deliveries to customers, or to visit a business associate at another location – the last thing you want to do is crash the car. You might be causing damage to company property, other vehicles around you or perhaps even your own person. Driving safely is obviously essential.

But sometimes, accidents happen nonetheless. If you do get into one, how will you respond?

Answering this question begins with knowing who to talk to. Usually after you’ve had an accident, one of the first things you do is pick up the phone. But why, exactly? Who do you need to call?

When is it necessary to contact police?

Who do you call first when you’ve had an accident? Many people choose to dial up the police. In reality, this is only necessary in certain circumstances. According to Legal Aid NSW, you should call the police if:

  • A person is injured or trapped
  • A car needs to be towed
  • Traffic has been significantly disrupted
  • Someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs

If there are any criminal suspicions or safety concerns that need to be addressed, then by all means, the police should be involved. Otherwise, there might be others who are more important to call.

Contacting insurance – but whose?

If one or more vehicles has been damaged, or if someone has been injured, in an auto accident, it’s extremely likely that you’ll need to contact an insurance company to arrange for compensation. It might be unclear whose insurance needs to weigh in, though. It could be yours, the other driver’s or the insurance of the company that owns the vehicle that’s involved.

According to NSW Justice Law Access, making this determination will depend on who was at fault in the accident and what sort of insurance policies they have on the vehicle. Do their terms cover passengers, others’ vehicles or other peripheral damage caused by the accident? Figuring this out will require reading a lot of the fine print.

Contacting a lawyer and getting compensation

Finally, it’s quite possible that you’ll want to contact a lawyer and talk about getting compensated for any injuries you’ve suffered in a work-related car accident. Whether you’re a driver, passenger or merely a pedestrian crossing by, there’s a good chance you can get paid for your pain and suffering.

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