Workplace injuries can happen to anyone – employed or otherwise

Workplace injuries can happen to anyone – employed or otherwise

When you agree to work in an environment that demands a great deal of physical labour, such as a construction site, you’re taking on a good deal of inherent risk. Even if you work cautiously and pay attention to safety concerns, you’re still risking that something might go wrong, possibly leading to a serious injury.

This alone is concerning enough. Further complicating the matter is the fact that even non-employees can be injured in some workplace incidents. For example, if construction work is happening in a crowded area and an innocent bystander is injured by some debris, that could create an untenable situation for the construction businessboth legally and financially.

If you’ve been involved in an incident like this, you might be entitled to damages.

Even minor injuries can bring major damages

It’s not just employees that are suffering big workplace injuries – and it’s not just the big ones that cause considerable damages, either. Today Online recently reported that in Singapore, a bicyclist was awarded $8.65 million when she was struck by a bundle of overhead cables when biking through a construction site.

The cyclist suffered minor injuries to her head, face, neck, back and limbs. In addition, her memory and cognitive ability were impaired. Though none of these ailments were life-threatening, the damages were still staggering because of the biker’s pain and suffering, long recovery time and lost wages at work.

Filing claims and getting the ball rolling

To prove a case like this, where a company caused you damages because of an unsafe work site, you need to have clear documentation ready. That’s why WorkSafe Queensland emphasises that if you do suffer an injury of this nature, you file a claim right away and get as much evidence in writing as possible.

It’s also much easier to resolve these cases favourably when you have legal representation to protect your interests. If you have a difficult case on your hands, bring in a capable attorney early in the process.

Evaluate your case and figure out your options

If you’ve suffered an injury on a work site of any kind, there are all sorts of damages you might be looking at. Medical treatment, lost wages and a reduced future earning potential are all risks you need to think about.

You might be entitled to compensation for any or all of those. The best way to find out is to contact us at Marshall Gibson Lawyers – we will take a look at your case and figure out the best course of action from there. Talk to us right away and get a free case evaluation.

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