Justice and Police Museum

The Justice and Police Museum is a fascinating place to learn about the history of crime in New South Wales. Visitors can explore the stories of famous criminals and the weapons confiscated by gangsters and thugs. There is also a vast archive of mug shots, photographs, and historical artifacts. The Justice and Police Museum is located at Cnr Phillip St &, Albert St, Sydney NSW 2000. The museum also includes exhibitions on police forensic photography, and the dying art of safecracking. Visit This Website.

The Justice and Police Museum is housed in a complex of late Victorian buildings. It was a magistrates court from 1856 to 1886, before being turned into a museum. The complex retains many of the original late Victorian features. The museum includes a courtroom, holding cell, and charge room. There is also a Weapons Museum, which displays weapons confiscated by gangsters and the railway police. The museum is open daily from 9am to 5pm. The museum offers free tours for adults and children.

Visitors can also experience an authentic mock trial in the Summons Courtroom. The Courtroom has a witness stand, a magistrate’s bench, and a reporter/jury box. It can be used for mock trials, small lunches, or cocktail parties. The summons court room retains the original prisoner’s dock. The Charge Room, meanwhile, has a Duty Sergeant’s desk.

There are many exciting interactive experiences to enjoy at the Justice and Police Museum. You can take a tour of the courtroom, learn about the history of policing in New South Wales, and search the museum’s database for the stories of inmates. There is also a PG rated “Murder in the Museum” tour, which is a 30-minute adventure.

The museum also includes a memorial area for Holocaust children. It contains a Star of David-shaped central atrium, and many zones are wheelchair accessible. The Museum also offers a comprehensive school education program.

Visitors can also take a look at forensics, historical artifacts, and replicas of jail cells. The museum also features an archive of historical artifacts, such as weapons confiscated by gangsters and thugs. The museum also has a vast collection of crime scene photographs that have been rescued from floods and overloaded police work.

The Museum is also home to the New South Wales Police Forensic Photography Archive, which contains over 130,000 negatives. The archive is a fascinating collection of photographs, which have been repeatedly salvaged. The Museum also houses a library, which includes books and journals about the history of crime in New South Wales. The Justice and Police Museum is also a part of the Sydney Living Museums program. It is located in the heritage-listed Water Police Station. The Museum is located at 4-8 Phillip Street in Sydney.

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