Medical Negligence – $275,000 settlement after wrist injury misdiagnosis

Our client sustained an injury to her right wrist when she fell onto her outstretched hand at her home.

She consulted with her general practitioner the following day who ordered x-rays and informed our client that there were no broken bones or fractures in her wrist and that treatment should involve strapping of the wrist.

Approximately two weeks later our client continued to suffer pain in her wrist and attended her general practitioner again, where it was confirmed that she had no fracture in her right wrist.

Approximately one month later she sought treatment from another general practitioner who also confirmed that the original x-rays showed no broken bones or fractures in her right wrist.

Four months later our client was still experiencing pain in her right wrist and she attended another medical centre and a new set x-rays were ordered, and the new general practitioner confirmed that the x-rays showed and undisplaced and un-united fracture in the scaphoid bone in her right wrist as a result of her fall at home.

After our client consulted with our firm, we made arrangements for her to assessed by our medicolegal doctors who specialise in wrist injuries. Our medical legal doctors confirmed that as a result of the initial misdiagnosis and the delay in a proper diagnosis and treatment, our client was left with a worse outcome by not receiving immediate medical treatment.

Proceedings were subsequently commenced against the first and second general practitioners, who did not properly diagnose her wrist fracture.

The case proceeded to a mediation where we were able to resolve the claim against both defendants for $275,000.00


  • The Law Society of New South Wales
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