Motor vehicle accident claim settled for $600,000 for woman who sustained physical and psychological injuries in car accident

Our client was driving her car through an intersection at approximately 40km/h when another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction to her made a right hand turn in front of her car, causing a collision.

Our client was taken to hospital following the accident for treatment of injuries to her neck, back, right shoulder and chest. She also complained of headaches following the accident.

Approximately two months after the accident our client, who was employed as a cleaner, returned to light duties at work for two days per week performing clerical work.

Although she was gradually able to increase her work hours, she started to develop psychological symptoms, including panic attacks. She continued to work, gradually increasing her hours as her symptoms improved, but was told by her employer that unless she received a full clearance to perform her usual duties she would be terminated from her employment.

As she was unable to obtain this full-clearance from her doctor, the termination of her employment took effect shortly thereafter. Our client consulted us regarding her claim and a personal injury claim form was lodged against the CTP insurer of the driver at fault within six months from the date of the accident.

Our client was assessed by our medico-legal doctors in order to address her physical and psychological injuries, following which, she was referred to the Motor Accident Authority doctors for assessment of her level of whole person impairment.

Although the Motor Accident Authority doctor who assessed her physical injury found that her whole person impairment fell below the 11% WPI threshold, the psychiatrist appointed by the Motor Accident Authority found that her psychological symptoms were severe enough to exceed the threshold and she was found to have a 17% whole person impairment.

Therefore, although she did not meet the threshold for her physical impairments, by exceeding the threshold for psychological injury our client could claim damages for both her physical and psychological injuries.

Our client’s claim was filed with CARS (Claims Assessment and Resolution Service) in which she claimed general damages for pain and suffering, past and future economic loss, past and future domestic assistance, and past and future medical expenses.

Although the insurers initial offers at an earlier settlement conference were very low, we eventually managed to resolve the claim for $600,000 on the day of the CARS assessment hearing.

Car accident compensation lawyers Sydney

At Marshall & Gibson Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney we specialise in personal injury claims resulting from motor vehicle crashes. In this case our client was driving her car through an intersection and was hit by another motorist heading in the opposite direction who made a sudden right hand turn in from of her car, causing a crash, which resulted in her sustaining multiple physical and psychologial injuries. The compensation claim resulted in substantial damages being awarded for pain and suffering, past and future economic loss, past and future medical expenses, and past and future domestic assistance.

We have a proven track record having won 100% of our motor vehicle accident injury cases. We’re so confident in our legal expertise with motor vehicle accident compensation claims that with our “No Win-No Fee” basis, you only pay if we win your claim for you.

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