3 common questions about recovering from a workplace injury

3 common questions about recovering from a workplace injury

If you’re passionate about your job and take pride in working hard every day, it can be difficult to cope with an injury that renders you unable to perform. If your work is all you know and all you care about, what will you ever do without it?

The likely answer: You’ll do everything you can to recover quickly and return soon. Depending on the severity of the injury, though, this might be difficult. It might be a long road back to full health, and during that time, you might have some anxieties and insecurities. “How long will this take?” you’ll wonder. “When can I get back to work again?”

Today, let’s answer a few common questions that people have about the process.

How will I set goals for my recovery from a workplace injury?

According to the NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), the most important thing you can do when recovering from an injury is set goals for yourself. How many weeks will it take you to get back to full health and start working again? Talk to your doctor about your situation and try to draw up a plan.

The answer will depend on the physical demands placed on you at work. Keep in mind that even tasks that might seem simple can actually involve a lot of physicality – for example, SIRA notes that changing a tyre might require standing, bending, twisting, lifting and pulling your body. Try to ease back into the tasks that are more demanding physically.

After an accident or injury at work, what responsibilities do my bosses have?

Of course, it’s much easier to get back to work when your manager and other higher-ups at your company are being helpful. And as the NSW Ministry of Health notes, they’re actually obligated to do so. Employers in Australia are supposed to have injury management systems in place that help you recover when you’ve been hurt at work.

Additionally, there should be a training process at your place of business that helps you re-learn any tasks that are challenging for you post-injury. If you don’t have these resources, or if there are any issues during the process, you might need to get legal help from a workers compensation solicitor.

Will I make it through this ordeal financially?

One of the toughest parts of dealing with a workplace accident or injury is worrying about money. What will happen if you have big medical bills, or if you’re not paid during your time away from the job?
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