Does your business have a culture that supports injured workers?

Does your business have a culture that supports injured workers?

What happens in your workplace when someone is injured on the job?

Ideally, you’d have a strong network of people who spring to action and help their injured co-worker. Employees in this situation have all kinds of concerns – they need medical assistance, help with returning to work and possibly even a legal consultation to evaluate their case.

Great workplaces are able to provide assistance with all of the above. Not everyone is this lucky, though. Some people get hurt on the job and get all the help they need; others are left in the dark, forced to fend for themselves.

What kind of organisation do you work for?

A major victory for labour at Airtasker

If you check the news, you’ll find some examples of companies that are trying to do right by their employees. One, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, is the online job posting platform Airtasker, which recently came to an agreement with Unions NSW that will give workers better insurance and compensate them when they’re recovering from injuries and illnesses.

“This agreement is a huge advance for wages and conditions of those working through the Airtasker platform,” Unions NSW secretary Mark Morey said.

Airtasker has done a great job showing concern for its workers, but not every organisation is the same. It’s worth learning more about what your employer does to look out for injured employees.

Do you have the right safety culture in your workplace?

The ideal workplace is one that’s built a culture around employee safety. According to WorkSafe Victoria, there are a number of things companies can do to make that happen. One is to encourage workers to look out for one another, “buddying up” with teammates who can look out for them and help keep them safe.

Beyond that, communication between all levels of the organisational hierarchy is another key. Leaders should constantly stress the importance of safe work and responsible recovery from a workplace injury, and it’s something that all levels of the business should team up on.

Pursuing legal help when you need it

Have you been injured at work in Sydney, and has your organisation neglected to provide for your safety or aide your recovery? If so, you might be entitled to compensation.

Depending on the particulars of your case, you might be due payments for time off work, medical expenses, travel costs and more. Contact Marshall and Gibson Workers Compensation Lawyers Sydney today on 1800 675 417 or send us an email to get a free case evaluation and find out more.

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