Government, insurers trying to limit what workers can claim

Government, insurers trying to limit what workers can claim

In the wake of a workplace injury, people often rely on their insurance providers to help them get through the ordeal. In addition to the physical trauma you go through, getting hurt at work can often be difficult financially – you might lose wages while you’re off the clock, not to mention the cost of medical treatment.
This makes it disconcerting for many that there’s been a push in recent months to limit the number of insurance claims that workers can make in Australia. The insurers are looking to protect their revenues, and they have some members of the federal and state governments on their side. If this becomes a problem for you, you might need a lawyer.

“Turning off the insurance tap”

Insurers are obviously a vital asset to anyone who’s suffered a workplace injury, but according to recent reporting from The Australian, the insurance industry is currently working to “turn off the insurance tap,” cracking down on people making excessive claims. This movement has some advocates in government circles as well.

NSW, Queensland and South Australia in particular have shown government support for this claims crackdown, including some lawmakers who have pushed for a reduction in fraudulent claims and a six-month time limit for claiming benefits on certain kinds of injuries.

Employers still have obligations

While it’s a little bit tougher than it used to be for you to claim benefits after an injury at work, it would be a mistake to give up altogether. Your employer is still obligated to do right by you after an injury, to a certain extent.

The NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority notes that statewide, every employer is required to have workers compensation insurance. In addition, they must have “return to work” programs in place to get people reacclimated with their work and retrained to handle tasks that are giving them trouble physically.

If you’ve encountered any roadblocks getting this basic support from your employer, contact a lawyer.

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