Have you been injured at work? Take care to recover safely

Have you been injured at work? Take care to recover safely

Not everyone who’s injured in a job-related mishap has to sit on the sidelines and miss work forever. Some individuals fight through injuries and keep showing up anyway – either because the pain isn’t too severe, or because they’ve had a little time to recover and now they’re back. In any event, not all people who are on the job are necessarily 100 per cent healthy.

If you’re working through an ailment that’s job-related in nature, you should be aware that you have rights. Perhaps most importantly, you have the right to be assigned light duty while you’re still recovering. This is required by law, and if your employer isn’t living up to the mandate, you might be entitled to compensation. Consult with a lawyer if you think you may have a case.

Fighting back against workplace discrimination

You might think that if you’ve been hurt in an accident, it’s in your employer’s interest to get you back on the job quickly, but there are limitations to that. The Brisbane Times noted that companies can get in trouble for pushing people too fast. It’s a form of workplace discrimination to treat injured people unfairly. If you’re not given light work when you need it, this could quickly lead to a legal dispute.

If you have documentation showing that you need to be given light work for medical reasons, don’t be shy about that. Let your employer know that your situation needs to be taken seriously.

Finding win-win solutions for people and employers

Workplace injury disputes are common. The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission has said that one of the most frequent complaints they get is that employers are refusing to accommodate injured people.

The secret to resolving these conflicts is to let both sides know that it’s in their best interests to reach an agreement. Workers want to get healthy; employers want their people to be happy and engaged in what they do. Accommodating people’s needs can help make both those things happen.

Are you eligible for damages?

If you’ve needed light work and not had it assigned to you, you may well have a good case that proves you’re entitled to damages. The best way to figure this out for sure is to sit down with a legal expert and figure out the details.

At Marshall & Gibson Lawyers, we have a team of such experts. Our legal minds are skilled in analysing workers’ compensation situations, finding the payments you’re eligible for and taking care of business within the defined time parameters. Contact us on 1800 675 417 right away if you need help with a pressing legal matter of this nature.

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