How to make a claim of medical negligence in Australia

How to make a claim of medical negligence in Australia

If you have any reason to suspect you’ve been mistreated by a doctor or nurse in Australia, this suspicion is absolutely worth following up on. If a medical professional has done real damage to you, and it’s something you can prove, then you may well be entitled to some compensation.

First, though, you’ve got to develop a solid understanding of the claims process. Medical negligence is a complicated issue, and even some doctors and lawyers who look at such cases every day aren’t perfect when it comes to evaluating mistakes in medical treatment. Let’s discuss the challenges involved with making a claim of medical negligence in Australia.

Covering all your bases before a claim

You might have suspicion right away that you’ve been the victim of medical negligence, but it’s a difficult thing to prove. That’s why recommends seeking a second opinion on the matter before you go any further. If you have a medical expert who can vouch for your claim, that’s a big boost.

It’s worth noting that you don’t want just any doctor to weigh in to support your claim – ideally, you’d have someone on your side who’s an expert in the field you’re dealing with. If the ailment in question is one to your brain, find a neurologist who can give their insights. This will support your case a lot more than just talking to a random doctor.

Proving causation is often the hardest part in a medical negligence case

One of the most difficult aspects of making a negligence case is that you have to do more than just show you’ve suffered from medical adversity. You have to demonstrate causation – how, specifically, did a doctor’s mistreatment of your case hurt you?

You may have reason to believe that a surgeon made an error when operating on your knee a month ago, for example, and your leg may hurt today. But can you prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that one thing caused the other? In addition to a medical expert, you may well need to have a lawyer on your side who can help establish this case.

Medical negligence lawyers Sydney

If you’ve been injured as the result of poor work in the medical field, you probably have grounds to bring a claim of negligence. The errors involved may include incorrect diagnoses, surgical errors or failures to warn you of risks or side effects.

You might be unsure whether any of the above applies to you – if that’s the case, not to worry. We at Marshall & Gibson Compensation Lawyers Sydney specialise in medical negligence claims and can take a look at your situation and find out for sure.

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