Increased Compensation through Legal Representation

Increased Compensation through Legal Representation

If you’re seeking personal, work, or motor accident injury compensation, having legal representation can help you obtain a better compensation outcome. In some cases, especially those for motor accident claimants, this compensation can be many times the amount you would otherwise receive. The article below outlines some of the situations in which you can significantly increase the amount of compensation you receive.

DIY Compensation

Motor Accident Compensation

DIY compensation may appear to a sensible option but it can prove to be costly. In motor accident injury cases, many claimants settle claims without legal representation from compensation lawyers in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia. Settlement amounts are often a fraction of what the claimant is entitled to in actuality.

The insurer may offer the claimant a ‘final’ figure. In many cases, the claimant accepts this figure without realising that they may have obtained more compensation. This may have been achieved by reapplying to the insurer with a better application or bringing the case for arbitration for a binding determination.

Worker’s Compensation

In other circumstances involving workers compensation your lawyer may be able to help you obtain lump sum compensation for permanent impairment. In many cases insurers may fail to inform injured workers of their right to lump sum compensation for permanent injuries.

Injured workers may also be entitled to additional amounts for pain and suffering, which are to be distinguished from weekly payments for medical costs or wages and superannuation foregone.

It’s important to realise that lump sum claims are not mutually exclusive with these other benefits. Claimants who obtain lump sum compensation are also entitled to these other compensation payments.

As compensation law is a specialised area, it’s always best to avoid DIY compensation by consulting a personal injury or workers compensation lawyers in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia.

Benefits of Obtaining Legal Representation

If you’re taking your claim to arbitration or court, you should have legal representation. In all cases, working with a lawyer will ensure your case proceeds smoothly and that you don’t make any costly errors during the claims process.

  • Certainty. Expert legal advice provides certainty when your life has been disrupted by injury. You can ensure that your claim for compensation proceeds smoothly and avoid second guessing whether you’re receiving your due compensation.
  • Specialist Knowledge. Accessing specialist knowledge is the best way to know what you’re entitled to and how to go about obtaining your compensation in the prescribed manner. Whether you’re claiming directly from the insurer or applying in a court or elsewhere, specialist knowledge helps you navigate your case, negotiate effectively, and obtain the best outcome.
  • Legal Process. If you’re applying for a determination or a court ruling, there’ll be strict legal procedures that apply. Your lawyer can help ensure that you submit documents within required time periods, apply for compensation well within limitation periods, and meet any other process or procedural requirements for making a valid case.
  • Legal Formalities. Your compensation lawyer helps ensure that your case meets the required formalities, include evidential requirements for establishing your claims. Sometimes the validity of your application can hinge on these issues. Avoid delays and errors with legal representation.
  • Getting Your Due Compensation. Working with a compensation lawyer is the best way to ensure that you’re receiving the full amount of compensation to which you’re entitled.
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