Injured by a Defective Product? Here’s What to do Next

Injured by a Defective Product? Here’s What to do Next

We have greater product choices than ever before however as recall notices will prove, not all products are created equal. If you or someone you know has been injured by a defective product, there are some steps you can take to minimise further harm and maximise your potential injury compensation..

Get Medical Assistance

First and foremost, have your injuries or concern treated at a medical facility as required. Clearly explain to your medical professional what happened if possible, so notes and records will reflect this. A successful personal injury claim in Sydney could potentially cover your income if your recovery time is a long one.

Notify the Supplier

Whether it is a household item, a pharmaceutical product, an automobile or a different product that has caused the injury, it is important that the supplier is notified as soon as possible. Once they are made aware of a potential issue, they can conduct a check and publish recall notices if necessary to avoid others being hurt or worse.

Record Everything

Keeping records can be of benefit if the time comes to make a claim. Record the day and time of the incident, how you were using the product and what specifically happened. Also keep records of any hospital or doctor visits and payments, as these would likely be required in a personal injury claim in Sydney. You may be eligible for a defective product claim if the product is found to be unsafe, defective, not fit for purpose or offered inadequate warnings.

Talk to Expert Injury Lawyers in Sydney

If a defective product has changed your life, talking to injury lawyers can begin the process of making things easier. Marshall & Gibson personal injury lawyers in Sydney will guide you through the steps to make a claim, and will use their expertise to maximise that claim on your behalf. Depending on the circumstances, claims may be made for death or injury caused by a defective product as well as damage to goods, land, buildings or fixtures.

While compensation may not take away the injuries or effects from the defective product, we will help you get the compensation you deserve. There are time limitations on defective product claims and court proceedings must be commenced within three years of the accident occurring, so contact us today on 1800 675 417 to begin the claims process.

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