Is your employer helping you get back to work post-injury?

Is your employer helping you get back to work post-injury?

For many individuals, the most stressful part of dealing with a workplace injury is figuring out how you can get back to work again. After all, the world doesn’t stop turning just because you’ve gotten hurt – you still have a life, and expenses, and a clear need to keep making an income.

Some people find it difficult to keep earning once they’ve been sidelined by a workplace injury. In theory, this is something your employer should help you with – both aiding with the medical treatment process and collaborating with you to find a role you can capably fill in the workplace. In the real world, though, a lot of organisations fall short in this area. What can be done about it?

Finding work after an injury can be difficult

It can be really tough to find suitable work after you’ve been through an injury. For example, according to the Sydney Morning Herald former police officer Adam Watts applied for hundreds of new positions after he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and couldn’t do police work anymore. He had no luck.

“I applied for nearly 250 jobs and it is impossible to get a job,” he said.

The reality is that once you’ve been injured, it’s hard to find employers who want to give you work. This is why it’s so vital that your current employer works with you to expedite your recovery and prepare you to work again.

Is your employer helping you settle back in at work?

The law says your employer is supposed to be helpful in this regard. According to the NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority, organisations should have “return to work” programs in place that collaborate with employees on their recovery from ailments and help them develop their skills again. Ideally, they would have return to work coordinators who work people through the training process and address any issues that come up.

Is your organisation letting you down when it comes to the recovery and retraining process after a workplace injury? You may want to get a workers compensation lawyer who can fight for your cause.

Reach out for legal assistance if you need it

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