Rehabbing from a workplace injury requires a total team effort

Rehabbing from a workplace injury requires a total team effort

After you’ve been injured in a workplace incident, it might not be easy to recover fully and get yourself back to work. It might take a long time to recover physically, and then once you do, you might also have to relearn certain job tasks and ease back into a full workload.

If you’ve been through a particularly tough injury, it’s probably not something you can recover from by yourself. You’ll need to reach out and ask for help – and there’s no shame in doing that. Getting healthy and reacclimating yourself to the workplace should be a team effort. Your employer, healthcare providers and insurers should all be able to pitch in.

What goes into rehabbing from injury?

There’s a lot of careful planning that goes into rehabbing, and you can’t do it alone. According to the State Insurance Regulatory Authority, your employer is obligated to check up on you throughout the process, gauging your health status and assessing your capacity to perform work duties safely.
As part of this process, your managers will have to identify potential risks that may arise in the course of your work and address them. If there are certain parts of your job that could be dangerous, the business may have to find creative fixes to mitigate that danger and ensure you ease back into the workplace comfortably.

Working together to devise a plan

It’s essential that this recovery process is a collaborative one. Everyone involved has a part to play. Your managers need to find you a role in the workplace you can safely fill. Your medical professional needs to keep a close eye on your health and make sure there are no complications. Your insurer needs to step up when it comes to paying for medical costs that come up.

If there are any breakdowns in this collaboration, it may mean you have grounds for a legal case. Talking to a lawyer who specialises in these situations can help shed light on the matter.

How much compensation do you deserve?

After an injury at work, there should be all sorts of entitlements coming your way. You are likely owed treatment, ample time to recover and compensation for everything you’ve been through.
If you have any trouble at all with securing these things, you shouldn’t hesitate to get a lawyer who will fight for you.

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