Watch your step: Making a public liability claim

Watch your step: Making a public liability claim

Whether you’re in your home, walking down the street or shopping in a store, you have the right to be safe. Getting injured is always a bad experience, but when an accident occurs in a public area due to someone else’s negligence it can be even worse. Perhaps the environment has not been properly maintained or is made unsafe by another person’s careless actions – regardless, the accident can cause you significant cost and suffering. However, with the help of a lawyer, you may be able to recover some of your losses through a compensation claim.

Supermarket trip leads to $300,000 in compensation

Public liability incidents can take many different forms, but one good example is the slip and fall case that recently occurred in a western Sydney supermarket. According to the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), the woman involved was in the shop with her young son in the early morning when she slipped and fell over near a produce cabinet.

“I just remember being flung off my feet and seeing my keys and wallet go flying across the room and then I’ve just hit the ground with a thud,” she told SMH.

She suffered a serious injury to her ankle that required surgery and left her with a chronic limp.

“This has affected her mobility and her ability to carry out all of her domestic, recreational, social and even some of her working tasks,” said the judge of the court case. “It has had a severe impact on her life’s activities and her ability to enjoy those activities.”

The woman made a public liability claim, and the court ruled that it was the fault of the supermarket because it had not placed an anti-slip mat in front of the cabinet. As a result, she was awarded close to $300,000 in compensation for her suffering.

Navigating public liability claims

Like this women, there may come a time you’re seriously or permanently injured in a public place due to negligence. While nothing can completely make up for your loss, compensation can help you manage the burden of your injury and cover any expenses you have had to shoulder as a result.

No matter if the incident involved a slip and fall, an animal attack or even food poisoning, you may be able to make a claim. Yet without the aid of a legal expert, you might not be able to get the compensation you deserve. This can be a complicated area of law, so having a lawyer on hand to prepare and manage your claim will help you to avoid further stress. Call us today on 1800 675 417 or send us an email for your free, no obligation case evaluation by one of our senior compensation lawyers.

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