What you can do to avoid motorbike accidents

What you can do to avoid motorbike accidents

Riding a motorbike is always risky, and it’s becoming more so all the time. The Daily Telegraph noted that as more people have begun learning to ride motorbikes in recent years, the rate of motorcycle accidents has increased. Bikers used to be responsible for under 20 per cent of all collisions on the road in Australia; that figure is now closer to 30 per cent.

Having said that, using a motorbike doesn’t have to be a death sentence. There are certainly ways you can minimise the risk of riding and keep yourself out of harm’s way a little bit. Here’s a rundown of what you can do to avoid motorbike accidents.

Staying aware of yourself and others while riding a motorcycle

Displaying effective motorbike safety habits is not easy – it requires being highly aware of yourself and others. RideApart recommends first and foremost taking care of yourself and avoiding reckless riding choices. For example, if you’re coming up to a sharp turn, it’s important to slow down and only ride as fast as you can see – you don’t want to have to swerve unexpectedly.

The next level is being aware of surrounding drivers and how they might impact you. For example, if a car is signaling to turn in front of you, they will be slowing down, and that will have an impact on your speed and the visibility you have around you. Safety is about being aware of both yourself and others.

Protecting passengers on your motorbike

Keeping yourself safe is one aspect of being smart on a motorbike; if you have passengers, making simple choices will minimise the chances of causing a motorcycle accident. According to the Queensland State Government, there are strict rules about motorbike passengers – they all have to be wearing legally approved helmets, and they must be in the pillion or sidecar, not on the bike with you.

The bottom line is that bringing passengers with you is OK, but allowing them to interfere with the safety of you or others is not. Using some common sense about your fellow riders can get you a long way.

If you’ve been injured in a motorbike crash, get a lawyer

The above tips should help, but if you find yourself in a motorbike accident nonetheless, it’s important to get a experienced lawyer who will take your case and advocate for you.

You might be entitled to compensation – possibly from another party in the accident, or an insurance company, or both.

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