$750,000 Settlement for Workers Compensation Burns Victim

Our client was working in an industrial facility and another worker who was operating a welding machine caused an explosion, resulting in our client sustaining severe burns to his body and consequential psychological injury.

claim for Workers Compensation was made and liability was accepted. Once our client’s injuries had stabilised we arranged for him to be assessed by our medico legal doctor and a claim for Whole Person Impairment was made on his behalf.

The claim for Whole Person Impairment was referred to the Worker’s Compensation Commission and an Approved Medical Specialist doctor was appointed and our client received an award for Whole Person Impairment for his injuries.

Work Injury Damages Claim

As our client’s Whole Person Impairment exceeded the 15% threshold we were then able to prepare a Work Injury Damages Claim on his behalf by arranging for our consultant engineer to prepare a report on liability and for our client to undergo a series further medico legal assessments with our medico legal plastic surgeon, medico legal psychiatrist and a functional and vocational assessor in order to establish that our client had very little work capacity.

As the case did not settle at mediation proceedings were filed in the District Court of New South Wales and eventually our client’s case resolved for $750,000 inclusive of cost/ clear of Worker’s Compensation payments.


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