$150,000 settlement for motorcycle rider who sustained injury as a result of front faulty tire

Our client was riding his BMW motorcycle along a highway when the front tyre suddenly deflated, causing our client to become unseated from the motorcycle and falling onto the highway sustaining injury. Fortunately, he was not struck by any oncoming traffic, but he did sustain injury to his back and shoulders and fractured several ribs as a result of the fall.

As a result of the motorcycle accident, he was off work for approximately 4 weeks but was thereafter able to return to office based work, although he experienced pain and discomfort as he was required to sit for long periods of time. Our client lived by himself and had difficulty performing housework in his unit.

The faulty tyre on our client’s motorcycle was subject to a voluntary recall and in particular the manufacturer was aware that the tyres could suddenly lose air pressure.

As the tyres were manufactured overseas, a claim against the Australian distributor was brought pursuant to Australian Consumer Law. After preparing our client’s claim for pain and suffering, economic loss, medical expenses and domestic care, we were ultimately able to resolve this claim prior to the hearing date. Although our client only had four weeks off work with no loss of income thereafter, we were able to resolve the motorbike accident claim for $150,000.

Motorbike accident compensation lawyers Sydney

At Marshall & Gibson Compensation Lawyers Sydney we specialise in personal injury claims resulting from motorbike accidents. In this case our client was a motorcycle rider with a faulty front tyre that caused him to have an accident and sustain injury, the compensation claim resulted in substantial damages being awarded for pain and suffering, economic loss, medical expenses and domestic care.

We have a proven track record having won 100% of our motorcycle accident injury cases. We’re so confident in our legal expertise with motorcycle accident compensation claims that with our “No Win-No Fee” basis, you only pay if we win your claim for you.

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