$250,000 Settlement for Motorcycle Rider Cut off by Car on Highway

Our client was riding his motorcycle along King Georges Road in Hurstville when a car merged suddenly into his lane without indicating causing a collision with our client’s motorcycle.

Our client sustained multiple physical injuries, including an injury to his neck, shoulder, right thumb, left knee. He has also sustained psychological symptoms from the accident.

Our client has had time off work as a result of his accident, working in the building and construction industry in a supervisory role.

After obtaining the medical records from his treating doctors, hospital and specialist, we arranged for our client to be assessed by our medicolegal doctors to assess his physical and psychological injuries as a result of the accident.

Although the motor accident authority panel doctors ultimately found that his injuries did not reach 11% whole person impairment threshold required to claim damages for non-economic loss, we were able to prepare a claim for past and future economic loss through obtaining medical evidence and financial records.

The claim was then able to be resolved with the insurer at a settlement conference for $250,000.

Motorbike accident compensation lawyers Sydney

At Marshall & Gibson Compensation Lawyers Sydney we specialise in personal injury claims resulting from motorcycle accidents. In this case our client was riding his motorcycle along the road when a car made a sudden turn in front of him causing a collision, which resulted in him sustaining multiple injuries. The compensation claim resulted in substantial damages being awarded for past and future economic loss, past and future medical expenses, and past and future domestic assistance.

We have a proven track record having won 100% of our motorcycle accident injury cases. We’re so confident in our legal expertise with motorcycle accident compensation claims that with our “No Win-No Fee” basis, you only pay if we win your claim for you.

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